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Rebel Up! started early 2007 in Holland to become a global music DJ & VJ collective with members from Belgium, Holland and France. The crew now consists of DJ’s Sebcat, Palm M & LeBlanc, visual artist VJ M and graphic designers Jet, FiNess and Nadia.
As dj’s we play a mix of different local music styles from all around the world. That can be traditional folk or urban pop and club music, old and new sounds from Latin-America, the Carribean, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia… The focus is on less known songs from locally popular styles like : coupé décalé, rumba, soukous, kwaito, South-African house, pandza, reggaeton, dembow, funana, kuduro, cumbia, soca, (ragga) dancehall, kaseko, kawina, bouyon, baile funk, mangue beat, coco, tecno brega, klezmer, gypsy folk, Ankarali, Turkish folk rock, chaabi, dabke, bhangra, molam, luk thung, tribal guarachero, tsonga disco etc.
Depending on the context of performance, the dj-set can come with interactive visuals by VJ M, for a total immersive experience of sounds and images from ‘the global south’.
Rebel Up! also organises bi-monthly fundraising nights where the profit goes to humanitarian aid by supporting small projects and local NGO’s in developing countries. ‘Party consciously!’ is the message here.
Rebel Up dj’s are at home in living rooms, bars, clubs but we performed on festivals as well, like Incubate (NL), Sfinks, Amsterdam Roots (NL), World Minimal Music (NL), Kokopelli, Recyclart Holidays, Bruxelles Les Bains, Polé Polé Beach and Couleur Café.
We have shared stages with and organised gigs for artists/bands such as The Ex (NL), Omar Souleyman (SY), Group Doueh (WS), Maga Bo (US/BR), Filastine (US/ES), João Brasil (BR), Los Siquicos Literalenos (AR), Douster (FR), Kumbia Queers (AR), Baba Zula (TR), Uproot Andy (US),  Celso Pina (MX), Toy Selectah (MX), El Hijo De La Cumbia (AR), DJ BBrave (US/GH), DJ Edgar (BR), DJ Tudo (BR), Awesome Tapes From Africa (US), Issa Bagayoko (ML), Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (CH), La Makina Del Caribe (CO), Sistema Solar (CO), Chico Correa Pocket Band (BR), Russo Passapusso (BR), Sabbo (IS), Super Guachin (AR), Tremor (AR), Fauna (AR), Baloji (BE/RDC), Jupiter & Ma Shi Fai (BE), Maguaré (BE/CO), Hayanlar Alemi (TR), Jagwa Music (TZ), Konono No1 (RDC), Ukandanz (FR/ET), Samba Django (SE), Manou Gallo (CIV), Shangaan Electro (SA) and many more!


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