Samedi 15 octobre 2022 | 0h00 | P'tite Samme


Event organizer / Graphic designer &  Illustrator / Dj-Producer
Co-owner of Pointzero Rec a Techno Dark minimal / Psytech events & music label from Brussel
He masters very well his style of predilection which is the Psytechno music and quickly imposed himself as the reference of the style in Belgium.

Geometek DJ sets consist of an a heavy kick, a strong driving bass and a cosmic journey to the colorful and sometimes black universe of the techno music.
Mainly influenced by Techno / Dark Minimal with a hint of psychedelic music.
An addictive mix, to stand up, share and entertain to the sound of the beat.
He’s guaranteed to swing everyone’s hips around deep inside the new tracks freshly released.