Global Warming Sound


Global Warming Sound is a dj duo from Gent, Belgium.

Two turntables and their broad collection of bouncy, groovy and sexy music is all they need to heat up a dance floor. They have been conquering hearts all over Belgium for many years now with their eclectic mix of Drum & Bass, Reggae, Swing House, Balkan Beats and Rock & Roll.

Bart Maris, notorious Belgian trumpet player, often joins them to add an extra flavor to the show. And what a show that is! People who’ve seen them at Culture Club, Café d’Anvers, Charlatan, Polé Polé, Dranouter Festival, etc. know what we mean!

Global Warming Sound loves to play for the crowd, adapting to various settings and audiences, and will at the same time stay true to their unique blend of world music and electronica. They are here to stay!




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