Korrupt Flo


Born beween a computer and thousand vinyls, the life of KORRUPT FLO was always surrounded by ARTS and TECHNOLOGY. In constant research of fusion, his work is influenced by the textures and landscapes of the IDM music, mixed with elements of JAZZ and FUNK and the agressivity of the BASS MUSIC. The Result is an organic sound, focused on the melodies, atmospheres, and grooves, a constant exploration to the infinite .
Supported by DJ’s and RADIO for his special remixes, he signed his first EP in 2013 on SONS OF BEAT records. A first EP we can define as a work of SOUND PAINTING.




Nos partenaires :

Electron Libre Compagnie Tiguidap Catering 27 WAAaRpg Octoprod High'N'Irie Sound System L'étable d'hôtes Virginal Jonathan Jamoulle MJC Rixensart Plastimobile Centre Culturel de Genappe Kultura Nivl MJ Music CLI Chez Zelle Maison des Jeunes LLN Silly Beer