Boogie Belgique


Boogie Belgique is the recording name of Oswald C. , a Belgian Producer/DJ living in Antwerp city (Belgium), where he studied illustration and animation. At the age of nine he started playing electric guitar and during highschool he started a reggaeband with some friends named “Jahfar”. While writing music for “Jahfar”, he first started working with Ableton software on his computer. The reggaeband didn‟t last but Oswald kept producing his own music. He started looking up old samples of the 30‟s and 40‟s and began experimenting with them. While mixing his love for abstract hip hop and dub rythms with the secret treasures of the swing era, the sound of Boogie Belgique was born.
His free debut album “Blueberry Hill” was released with Dusted Wax Kingdom in June 2012. From top to bottom “Blueberry Hill” is filled with electro swing moods, funky hip-hop rhythms and tasty jazzy samples. His 2nd album “Time for a Boogie” was released with Cold Busted on January 23, 2013. „Time For A Boogie‟ is a gratifying Trip Hop/Hip Hop album. It is big band and swing jazz influenced and is abstract, instrumental, cinematic and lush. The 2 volumes of his 3rd free album “Nightwalker” were released with Dusted Wax Kingdom in June 2013 & March 2014. Delightful old jazzy samples blended with phat dusty drum breaks bring an enchanting oldschool urban atmosphere.
Boogie Belgique‟s music can be described as a fusion of old and new, vintage yet innovative music which simultaneously triggers a pinch of nostalgia ànd gets you on the dancefloor. When playing live, his sample-based music is joined by 3 musicians. Martijn Vandenbroeck on drums, Aiko Devriendt on keys&synth and Cedric Van Overstraeten plays the trumpet. The Boogie Belgique Live Band tries to find the perfect blend between recorded samples & live music, old sounds and new.
Although Boogie Belgique started only 2 years ago, they’ve already played in Greece, the UK, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium,…




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